Injury Treatment

At Carolina Urgent Care, we understand that Injuries can happen at any time, and it is essential to seek medical attention promptly to avoid further complications. Being examined promptly could prevent the appearance of collateral issues and will ensure the development of a proper treatment plan.

Whether it's a physical trauma like a fracture, sprain, or skin laceration, immediately reaching out to your doctor will ensure better recovery. Our team has extensive experience providing healthcare for injuries of all types.

Our priority is to provide you with comprehensive medical attention without the need for extensive wait times for appointments. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us in our walk-in clinic in Chapel Hill, NC or Durham, NC

Injury Treatment at Carolina Urgent Care

Carolina Urgent Care focuses on providing exceptional medical attention for all kinds of injuries. Our primary care physicians work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you recover well.

The state-of-the-art technology we work with allows us to accurately assess your specific case and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

We understand that every patient has different needs, and delivering personalized care is our priority. When you arrive at our facility, our staff will thoroughly evaluate your medical history, recent injuries, and medication before determining appropriate treatment.

Once the team decides on the best treatment plan for your condition, we will also offer a follow-up plan to monitor your healing journey. We will work with you through our guidance to achieve a smooth recovery.

Types of Injuries Treated

We offer medical attention for a large variety of injuries. Common injuries include fractures, sprains, strains, cuts, and burns.

Physical Trauma

Strains, sprains, or fractures usually happen because of improper posture while lifting heavy objects, playing sports, or domestic chores. Strains may include a strain on the limbs like the leg, wrist, shoulder, knees, back, and neck.

Fractures are caused by direct trauma to the body's skeletal structure and usually involve breakage or damage to one or more bones. 

Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts and lacerations in the skin may range from minor cuts to deep lacerations requiring professional attention. Some examples include:

  • Incised wounds - straight cuts into the skin, often caused by knives or scissors
  • Puncture wounds - caused by sharp tools like nails or needles
  • Avulsion wounds - caused by heavy machinery and involve the tearing of skin and tissue
  • Lacerations - irregular cuts caused by objects with a serrated edge

Regardless of the type of injury, contact us at Carolina Urgent Care for quick assessment and guidance. 

Recognizing Urgent vs. Life-Threatening Situations

Although we aim to offer medical attention to all patients regardless of their condition, life-threatening emergencies should always be managed by calling 911 immediately.

These emergencies may include but not be limited to seizures, poison ingestion, snake bites, or chest pain. Some signs that may help you recognize a life-threatening situation include:

  • Severe non-stop bleeding
  • Intense chest pain, especially if it radiates to the arm, jaw, or back, since it could be a sign of a heart attack
  • Difficulty breathing because of choking or other issues
  • Loss of consciousness

These situations need urgent medical attention. If you or a loved one show one or more of these signs, call 911 or seek immediate assistance.

Our team at Carolina Urgent Care can help with all injuries that are not life-threatening. 

Reasons for Injury and Preventive Measures

Injuries are commonly caused during sports, accidents involving physical trauma, or domestic accidents. Although these may be, at times, unpredictable, there are some measures you can take to prevent them:

  • Regularly inspect your surroundings, like bedroom, workspace, and kitchen, to identify potential hazards.
  • Wear appropriate equipment and clothing if you regularly perform sports activities.
  • Perform a proper warm-up before any physical activity.
  • Use kitchen equipment responsibly and with attention. 

Injury Treatment in Chapel Hill & Durham, North Carolina

If you need an emergency appointment to treat an injury, our team at Carolina Urgent Care is ready to welcome you. Let us help you recover your health.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can visit our clinics in Chapel Hill, Durham, or schedule an appointment online.

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