Workers Compensation

When carrying out work-related activities like heavy lifting boxes or tools, injuries can happen anytime and severely impact your health. Carolina Urgent Care offers workers' compensation services for employees who have suffered from cuts, bruises, strains, sprains, burns, or electrical injuries during their work shifts.

We understand how crucial it is to receive prompt attention to avoid further complications and allow you to return to your job safely. Our commitment is to ease your recovery process as much as possible to keep you and your family untroubled.

Workers' compensation at our facility is performed by initially providing immediate medical attention, evaluating all visible injuries and symptoms, and then generating all the needed documentation for your worker’s compensation claims. We ensure that you don’t have to deal with paperwork-related concerns during your recovery process.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury during work, do not hesitate to visit us at our urgent care and walk-in clinic or call us for any questions.

Understanding Workers Compensation

Worker’s compensation is insurance that protects and supports employees who have suffered from work-related injuries while performing their duties. Its main objective is to alleviate the financial burden that usually accompanies an accident. 

Some essential functions of this type of insurance include:

  • Medical care: As an employee, you are entitled to receive immediate medical care and treatment for the injury. 
  • Lost wages compensation: If the accident you suffered causes you to miss your duties, worker’s compensation will provide the wage replacement needed. This will help keep your finances stable while you recover. 
  • Rehabilitation: When the injuries suffered lead to temporary impairment, this insurance will cover all the needed costs for rehabilitation.

At Carolina Urgent Care, we provide urgent medical attention for work-related injuries. We will guide you through the process to ensure prompt recovery.

Types of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries may include:

Spinal Issues

Lifting heavy materials with an incorrect posture can lead to multiple issues, including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and pinched nerves. These could potentially cause the lumbar nerves to compress and lead to debilitating pain. 

Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains can happen in the legs, wrists, shoulders, knees, back, and neck. They usually lead to the overstretching and tearing of muscles, which cause intense pain. 

Cuts and Lacerations

When managing sharp tools, cuts and lacerations can happen. These may range from minor cuts to deep lacerations and may include:

  • Incised wounds are straight cuts into the skin, often caused by knives or scissors.
  • Puncture wounds are caused by sharp tools like nails or needles. 
  • Avulsion wounds are caused by heavy machinery and involve the tearing of skin and tissue.
  • Lacerations are irregular cuts caused by objects with a serrated edge.

Carolina Urgent Care - Your Partner for Workers' Compensation Care

Carolina Urgent Care is a trusted partner for employees who have suffered from wounds and injuries in their workplace. Our team has extensive knowledge in providing accurate diagnoses and complete treatment plans for these cases.

Additionally, we offer guidance for all the paperwork that may be needed for the worker's compensation process. Our personalized care and attention to detail will allow us to provide you with the proper treatment. 

Requirements for Receiving Workers' Compensation Benefits

Some requirements necessary  to receive workers' compensation include:

  • To qualify for workers’ compensation, you must be an employee of a company. Independent contractors may not be eligible for workers' compensation. 
  • Work-related injury occurs while performing your duties. The injury must have happened while engaging in activities that fall under your job responsibilities. 
  • Must meet all the state deadlines for reporting and filing claims. Depending on your location, you must promptly report the injury to your employer and adhere to the state’s time limit for submission of claims.

If you have any questions regarding other requirements or eligibility criteria, please contact our team. 

How Carolina Urgent Care Can Help You with Worker's Compensation Claims

At Carolina Urgent Care, we understand the complexity behind a work-related injury and the process that follows it. Here’s how we make your recovery process stress-free:

  1. First, we evaluate your physical wounds and develop a tailored treatment plan for you. 
  2. By assessing the circumstances in which the injury happened, we will determine the eligibility of workers' compensation for your specific case.
  3. We will make sure to provide all the medical documentation needed to develop a proper claim. We understand this may be a complex process and will guide you through the process of submitting paperwork and necessary forms.
  4. Communicating with your employer will be an essential part of the process since this can facilitate your recovery process. 
  5. Our team will provide you with all the needed rehabilitation services to ensure a safe and healthy return to activities.

Navigating through legal claims and submissions can become debilitating for you and your family. At Carolina Urgent Care, we offer you compassionate support and guidance, ensuring you remain informed about your rights and maintain transparency through the whole process. 

Workers' Compensation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

If you need medical attention for a work-related injury, our team at Carolina Urgent Care is ready to welcome you. Let us help you recover your health.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can visit our clinics in Chapel Hill, Durham, or schedule an appointment online.

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